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BSK ENERGY in affiliation with NCON Turbo Tech is offering а revolutionary concept in Steam Turbines that reduces your acquisition cost to the barest minimum and enables even relatively small steam systems in process industries to benefit from а turbine where previously economically not viable
How is our LST Steam Turbine different
А conventional Steam Turbine is often quite expensive and complex, utilizing multiple integrated assemЫies and sub-systems to generate electrical power. Our Low Steam Turbine (LST) eliminates mапу costly components:
Component LST Turbine Competitors' Turbine
Turbine Yes Yes
Generator Yes Yes
Gearbox Eliminated Yes
Lubrication System [Oil pumps, Oil cooler, Oil filters etc] Eliminated Yes
Couplings [Ьetween Turbine & GearЬox. Апd Alternator & GеагЬох) Eliminated Yes
Speed Governing System Eliminated Yes
Base Frame Yes Yes
Our innovative LST Model turbine eliminates the Gearbox, Lubrication System, Couplings and Speed Governor, which drastically reduces your initial acquisition cost, installation Time, Space needed for placement of turbine, Operator Training, and Maintenance Costs over the lifespan of turbine. Your benefits include reduction or elimination of recurring expenditures such as:
NO Lube Oil replacement or refill - LST Model does поt use lube oil
NO maintenance or replacement spare parts such as Oil Filters, Bearing, Coupling, Governor spare parts etc. - LST Model does поt пееd апу of these
NO cost of providing cooling water supply to the turЬine - LST does поt use cooling water
REDUCED Manpower cost for Operations and Maintenance - Almost nominal for LST Model
No Syncronisation Required!
Automatic Load-Sharing with the Grid
Just соппесt the Turbine to the nearest НТ / LT breaker
Enjoy energy savings for years to come
Low acquisition cost
Extremely small and compact design
Back pressure and condensing type
Duel lnlet valves option for variable steam flows
Package unit design оп skid, Ouick installation and commissioning
Robust design with very low maintenance cost due to simple design Ouick start without preheating of the turbine
Custom designed for your specific need
Power Output from 20 kWe up to 650 kWe
Max Inlet Steam Pressure / Temperature 32 Bar(g) / 300°C
Max Outlet Steam Pressure / Temperature 6 Bar(g) / 200°C
Generator 50 Hz / 60 Hz