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BSK Energy

BSK Energy in affiliation with NCON Turbo Tech is providing customized solutions for Energy Conservation and Energy Production. Our Energy Conservation Solutions are helping industries using steam for their production process and industries having hot gases as waste during their production process. Our energy production solutions are designed for lndependent Power Producers as well as Captive Power Plants using Biomass Waste, traditional solid, liquid, or gas fuels for production of energy.

Globally over 6ОО+ satisfied customers are using our proven, efficient and economic technology to reduce their electric cost as well as to provide for reliaЫe source of electricity in their production facilities.

Some of the sectors using our energy solutions are textile & textile processing plants, paper & cardboard manufacturers, food processing & packaging industries, milk & dairy products industries, edible oil refineries, soap & detergent manufacturers, soft drinks & brewery sector, chemical & pharmaceutical industries, metal processing industries, waste incinerator plants, cement plants, tire & rubber industries, glass manufacturers and power producing plants using biomass or other solid, liquid or gas fuels.

BSK Energy offers Single Stage, Multi Stage, Multi Valve and Multi Casing steam turbine products designed with features like small footprint, direct drive connection to generator, use of induction generator, overhung rotor design, multiple module design, to provide you the most efficient solutions for variaЫe steam flows, reduce your overhead Б- maintenance costs, require less space and reduce the life cycle cost of your Steam Turbine system.

BSK Energy; combined with NCON Turbo Tech as our steam turbine technology partner with 30+ years of proven patented product history, BSK Global as our advanced automation and material handling technology affiliate with 20+ years of global experience in providing industrial automation solutions and GIMAS as our production affiliate with 40+ years of production history with global standards and most advanced infrastructure for production; bring you the most practical, economic, reliable, efficient and sustainable solution for your energy needs as well help you achieve your goals for reducing your carbon footprint.